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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rihanna and Taylor Swift Want to Charge You for Tap Water

A spokesperson for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF clarified the reports for Hollyscoop. They're not asking restaurants to charge $1 for tap water, rather they're encouraging patrons to donate $1 on their bill for UNICEF Tap Project.

More than 1,000 restaurants nationwide have joined the UNICEF Tap Project in an effort to raise funds to combat the world water crisis. Throughout World Water Week (March 20-26) restaurants are offering patrons a chance to get involved by allowing them to donate $1 to UNICEF Tap Project on their check. The donation is entirely optional. With a $1 dollar donation, UNICEF can provide clean, safe drinking water to a child for 40 days.

You know when you go to a restaurant and instead of ordering a $5 soda, you decide to just go with a glass of water? Well if Rihanna and Taylor Swift have their way, you're going to start paying for that glass of tap water soon too.

They've added their name to Unicef's Tap Project, which urges restaurants to start charging at least $1 for tap water.

In one of the advertising posters, Rihanna poses next to a bottle of her personalized drink with the words, "Rihanna Tap Water. Not your typical tap water, unless of course, you live next door to Rihanna."

A message on the Unicef Celebrity Tap website reads, "Celebrities have donated their own tap water to help raise awareness of the world water crisis. Donations enter individuals in our sweepstakes to win an esteemed collection of these famous tap waters."

I'm all for Unicef raising funds for a good cause, but come on, this is just too much. These celebs make a zillion dollars a year so they have the luxury to pay for water, not everyone does!


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