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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TIME Magazine reviews Rihanna’s Grammy performances

TIME Magazine posted list of “best and worst of the 2011 Grammy Awards”. Rihanna’s performances got the highest mark “A” naming one of the best performances of the night. Here’s what they said:
“Love The Way You Lie (Part II)”
 Rihanna rarely sings alone. She’s almost always accompanied by another singer, drowned out by synthesizers or Auto-Tuned by an overzealous producer. But tonight, at least briefly, it’s just Rihanna and the microphone. Then Eminem appears and does the unthinkable: he makes the performance even better. When the duo performed “Love the Way You Lie” at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this year, they seemed disjointed and unrehearsed. Here, they’ve have found their element. And Dr. Dre, whose cameo could have been an unnecessary addition, only added to the fire.


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