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Friday, February 4, 2011

Rihanna explains her recent banana fellatio

Rihanna has spoken out on Twitter about her latest vid for S&M. While some might think it was the most desperate bid for controversy since Xtina Aguilera’s Dirrty, RiRi isn’t bothered too much about that.
Rather, it seems she is more troubled by hours of on cue, rigorous banana fellating:
"I HATE bananas too, I made em gimme a spit bucket in between takes (sic)” she charmingly tweeted.
 She added:
"I am really happy rt now abt the tremendous response from everyone on the S&M clip... glad u love the smell it! (sic)”

That’s right. Glad you love the smell it. Makes about as much sense as that text we sent last night after 4 vodka and cranberries. Cranberry being part of essential post January detox, of course.
Rihanna’s grammatically artistic Twitter fest went on:
"I had tons of fun in the Pink zebra room! My bff M, Perez, Trannys, a hott little person and a silver fox! Can't be crazier."

Silver fox? Make up really is wondrous isn’t it? We hardly recognized Phillip Schofield.
(Dear Phillip’s lawyer, we are in no way suggesting the individual in the yellow PVC gimp mask is your client.)

But while we’re talking cameos – that is Perez Hilton that Rihanna is taking for walkies.
The Rude Boy star also admitted it is her in those recent nuddy pics. A fan asked her on twitter and she replied:
"That would be... ME when I was skinny!"
Ok, so the nuddy pics confirmation is fab but... 'when I was skinny'?! What on earth? Madness.


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