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Monday, January 24, 2011

Rumor Control: Rihanna and Matt Kemp Break Up

Is it splitsville for Rihanna and Matt Kemp? Sources say the two are most likely on the outs. Insert sad face emoticon.

According to E!Online, Rihanna and Matt have been spending a lot less time together because they’re both super busy.

This is obviously becoming a pretty popular trend…what’s up with celebrities being so up their own asses they can’t make a relationship work?! "Their schedules were difficult, but they made it all seem so easy being together," says Kemp’s friend.

"He loves her very much and I honestly believe she loves him a lot," says another source. "How this plays out no one, not even them know at this point."

Blah, blah, blah.

Other sources say it’s Rihanna’s fault because she’s "still very much a kid."

Whatever that means. Apparently Matt was planning on spending the holidays with his girl, but that’s not happening anymore. "I don't think it's him," says the insider.

"He would never pull the plug. Before he would leave training to be with her. Something has changed."

There’s also a dirty rumor that Kemp cheated on Rihanna—he was spotted with some girl outside of an LA nightclub recently. But a friend says it’s not true. "The girl…is nowhere near his type."

Code word: she’s fug.

So basically Rihanna and Matt caught the fever going around Hollywood that they’re both too busy to be in a relationship. IDK why every star thinks they’re suddenly to famous to be linked to someone.

I’d love to see a glimpse into the future when all these stars are washed-up and along with no one but their cats to talk to.


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