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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rihanna's Father Says He Forgives Chris Brown

Early on in the show, Rihanna gets to grips with...um...herself.Early on in the show, Rihanna gets to grips with...um...herself.
Rihanna's Father Ronald Fenty says that he forgives Chris Brown for the vicious assault he inflicted on his daughter almost two years ago.
The incident, which led to Chris Brown being sentenced to community service led to a downfall in his career, something which Ronald feels is punishment enough apparently.

"It was really tough seeing the pictures of her beaten up," Fenty told The Sun. "But I have forgiven him."

He continued: "He has lost so much from one stupid mistake. So me making him feel even worse makes no sense. I feel sorry for him now."

Rihanna and her Father have a troubled relationship with his drink and drug addictions coming between the pair. Ronald was infamously thrown off Rihanna's tour bus once for getting drunk and


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